Color: Black

Origin: Japan

Compatible: IQOS Terea sticks

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Unveiling the IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black

Are you ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled vaping pleasure? Look no further than the IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black, now available in Dubai, UAE. Crafted with precision and designed for sophistication, this sleek device redefines the art of vaping. Let’s delve into why the IQOS ILUMA PRIME is the epitome of elegance and functionality.
Certainly! Here’s the specification presented in a table using the provided style:

ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black Specification:

Device typeHolder & Pocket Charger
ManufacturerPMI (Philip Morris International)
Charging port typeUSB-C
Dimensions117.2 x 44.7 x 22.2 mm / 4.61 x 1.76 x 0.87 in
Weight171 g / 6 oz
Battery capacity2380 mAh
Consecutive uses2
Uses per full charge20
Charging time2h 15m
Heating temperature350 °C (660 °F)
Heating methodSmartcore induction
Heating time15 sec
Sticks typeTerea
Session length6 minutes or 14 puffs

ILUMA Prime features

Unmatched Elegance: The Obsidian Black Beauty

Indulge in luxury with the IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black. Its sleek and sophisticated design is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. The obsidian black finish exudes an aura of refinement, making a bold statement wherever you go. Elevate your style while enjoying the ultimate vaping experience with this masterpiece of elegance.

Revolutionary Technology: Experience the ILUMA Difference

Prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking technology of the IQOS ILUMA PRIME. Designed to deliver a seamless vaping experience, this device boasts advanced features that set it apart from the rest. From its rapid heating system to its long-lasting battery life, every aspect is meticulously engineered for perfection. Say goodbye to traditional vaping and embrace the future with the IQOS ILUMA PRIME.

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Vaping Lifestyle

With the IQOS ILUMA PRIME, vaping becomes more than just a habit—it becomes a ritual of luxury and indulgence. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or socializing with friends, this device enhances every moment with its exquisite design and unparalleled performance. Elevate your vaping lifestyle to new heights and experience a world of sophistication with the IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black.

Best Pricing and Fast Delivery Across UAE

At IQOS, we understand that exceptional value goes beyond just the product itself—it encompasses affordability and convenience. That’s why we’re proud to offer the IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black at the best pricing you’ll find anywhere. Our commitment to providing unparalleled value means you can enjoy luxury vaping without breaking the bank.

Seamless Shopping Experience: From Click to Enjoyment

But our dedication to your satisfaction doesn’t stop there. We believe that swift delivery is key to enhancing your vaping experience. That’s why we offer the best delivery service in UAE, covering all cities with lightning-fast shipping. When you order from our website, you can trust that your IQOS ILUMA PRIME will arrive promptly, ready to elevate your vaping journey.

Experience the Difference: Order Today

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Experience the luxury of the IQOS ILUMA PRIME  Obsidian Black, paired with unbeatable pricing and lightning-fast delivery across all cities in UAE. Order now from our website and indulge in the ultimate vaping experience without delay.

Additional Information
Reviews (31)
31 reviews

31 reviews for IQOS ILUMA PRIME Obsidian Black

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  1. Irina Sokolova (verified owner)

    Experience vaping like never before with the IQOS Iluma Prime Kit. Dubai’s best!

  2. Meera Sharma (verified owner)

    Experience the ultimate vaping pleasure with the IQOS Iluma Prime Kit. Unmatched performance and style combined!

  3. John Jackson (verified owner)

    The IQOS Iluma Prime Kit’s heat-not-burn technology provides an authentic smoking experience. No more compromise on flavor!

  4. James Miller (verified owner)

    Iluma Prime’s sleekness and sophistication make it a standout choice.

  5. William Thompson (verified owner)

    Switching to IQOS Iluma Prime was a smart decision.

  6. Amelie Pfeiffer (verified owner)

    The IQOS Iluma Prime Kit is a reflection of modern luxury.

  7. Yuri Mikhailov (verified owner)

    Iluma Prime’s design is both functional and elegant.

  8. Ekaterina Petrova (verified owner)

    IQOS Iluma Prime’s heat-not-burn technology sets it apart from the rest.

  9. Amira Tanaka (verified owner)

    Switching to IQOS Iluma Prime was a step towards a better lifestyle.

  10. Maya Park (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with the elegant and minimalistic design of Iluma Prime.

  11. Rehan Lee (verified owner)

    The IQOS Iluma Prime Kit offers a futuristic and refined smoking experience.

  12. Joseph Martin (verified owner)

    A flawless blend of innovation and elegance – Iluma Prime is a winner!

  13. Sana Nagasaki (verified owner)

    Iluma Prime is the epitome of innovation and style.

  14. Sofia Braun (verified owner)

    The IQOS Iluma Prime Kit is a perfect blend of technology and elegance.

  15. Sarah Fischer (verified owner)

    Switching to Iluma Prime has transformed my tobacco experience for the better.

  16. Paula Mayer (verified owner)

    Using Iluma Prime is a daily ritual that I can’t get enough of.

  17. Mary Thompson (verified owner)

    Iluma Prime’s technology and style make it a true standout.

  18. Jessica Martinez (verified owner)

    Using IQOS Iluma Prime is a luxurious and satisfying experience.

  19. Matti Sommer (verified owner)

    Switching to Iluma Prime has improved my tobacco experience.

  20. Amira Tanaka (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine going back to traditional smoking after trying IQOS Iluma Prime.

  21. Mikhail Smirnov (verified owner)

    IQOS Iluma Prime is the future of tobacco technology.

  22. Galina Petrova (verified owner)

    Iluma Prime’s heat-not-burn technology is a breakthrough.

  23. Leila Tran (verified owner)

    Switching to IQOS Iluma Prime was a step towards a more sophisticated lifestyle.

  24. Lara Hofmann (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of the consistent and satisfying experience Iluma Prime provides.

  25. Fabian Huber (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with the elegant and minimalistic design of Iluma Prime.

  26. Nicole Phillips (verified owner)

    Using Iluma Prime is a modern and satisfying experience.

  27. Anastasia Romanova (verified owner)

    Switching to IQOS Iluma Prime has elevated my enjoyment.

  28. Anatoly Popov (verified owner)

    Switching to IQOS Iluma Prime has elevated my enjoyment.

  29. Olga Ivanova (verified owner)

    Provides a seamless experience every time I use it.

  30. Maxime Lambert (verified owner)

    Provides an excellent user experience every time.

  31. Elizabeth Harris (verified owner)

    Makes for a fantastic addition to any home.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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